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Mickey's Story

I have lived a ton of lives on Earth as a human, but I’m finished now. I no longer need to reincarnate to have wild experiences with my emotions.

I was born William Motter (pronounced “motor”) in the Appalachian area of North Carolina on May 16, 1944, and died just after my 32nd birthday in the Hamptons in 1976. Go ahead and look for me. You might find something interesting there but I don’t have a gravestone because my body is gone.

My human lives were all adventures, so I won’t bore you with how I died (even though that’s the first thing everyone asks) but I will tell you that it was exactly the way I wanted to go, and there was a party going on.

In my last life, my good friend was Janis Joplin. We spent many days and weeks and months together, partying and discussing how great and awful life in a human body was. We both had similar goals: to see how far we could take ecstasy and stay sane.

Mickey with gray hat and beams coming from his eyes, bright colors in background

My life was intentionally quick, full of feasts and color and music. When you have lived so many times, and you remember that it’s all just a bunch of ideas going on in your consciousness, you laugh more, choose freedom, and try new things.

But friends, it doesn’t end when you die, and I’m here to tell you that. My dear friend here–you call her Kimberly, but I have another, more personal name for her–asked for help creating the wildest, most colorful and boundless art she was capable of. I jumped right in, giving her ideas of where to go, places to see, and photos to take. Then she puts them all together into something from her own heart, using her experience in the field of metaphysics to plant seeds in you all when you look at them.

We decided that our groove wasn’t to hang our art in studios, but to give it away for free, for people to find right at the exact time they need a pick-me-up. 

I hope you find one, and I hope that you laugh at life, at your limitations, and even at your “purpose” in life a lot more. Because you take yourself with you, even after you leave your meat suit behind. So be free now.

Mickey with blue hat and golden leaf in background

Mickey's Travels

Mickey the Gnome has wandered through the Hollywood Hills, Washington DC, the oldest areas of rural Pennsylvania, as well as the Southern states and the arid desert. Along his journey, he leaves behind unique tokens and colorful canvas prints, each telling a story of the places he’s been and the magic he spreads.

The meaning behind it all?

“None. Just laugh a little and I’ll have done my job.”

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Mickey's Pathtags

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“And please do it with a smile, because that’s how it was left for you.”

Straight out of the gnome’s mouth…

Mickey the Gnome pathtag

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