Wallblending Mickey

“You can see more with your inner eyes looking outward than you can with your outer eyes looking inward. Since you’re using your imagination to create your world, you might as well make it a good blend of peace and adventure.”

Transparent Mickey on Green

“When you’re engulfed in nature, there are other levels of yourself still creating the life around you. It’s easy to enjoy your creation when you add silence to the mix.”

Head Full of Snails Mickey

“Snails may seem to you like varmints when you think your plants should stay pristine. I say that anyone that can carry their home around on their back all day deserves a leaf or two now and then.”

Sea of Cortez Mickey

“There are places on your planet that have colors most humans haven’t even discovered. Hint: it’s dark down there, so you may want to bring some infrared light when you go.”    

Rearview Mickey

This is Mickey’s message.  Don’t forget to beam yourself into every scene that excites you.