Sea of Cortez Mickey

Discover the Magic of Mickey the Gnome

“There are places on your planet that have colors most humans haven’t even discovered. Hint: it’s dark down there, so you may want to bring some infrared light when you go.”

Created from custom ceramic and images from La Paz, Mexico, including the pelican photo bomb.

Mickey with Fish and Pelican

Mickey's Magical Journey

Follow the timeline of Mickey the Gnome’s incredible journey, from his humble beginnings to his current adventures across the globe.


The Beginning

Mickey the Gnome sets out on his first adventure, leaving behind his very first token in a quaint village in Ireland.


Spreading Joy

Mickey’s tokens start appearing in various countries, bringing smiles and wonder to those who find them.


Canvas Prints

Mickey begins leaving behind beautiful canvas prints, adding a new dimension to his magical journey.


Global Phenomenon

Mickey the Gnome becomes a global sensation, with people from all over the world joining the quest to find his tokens and prints.